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KITV: Dozens file claims against U.S. Navy as symptoms persist from Red Hill water crisis

This news report by KITV, Island News, dives into the ongoing struggle faced by families living on Ford Island in Hawaii due to toxic exposure from contaminated water.

The US Navy leaked jet fuel, contaminating the water supply near the Red Hill fuel storage facility in Hawai’i in 2021, affecting hundreds of residents on Oahu.

Lacey Quintero and her family relocated to the island, excited about the prospect of living in a tropical paradise. However, their excitement turned into a nightmare when they began experiencing severe health problems from toxic exposure just one day after moving. Quintero's family and many others have been suffering from long-term symptoms, including unexplained stomach aches and thyroid issues in her daughters.

"I hear the word autoimmune, and I just start crying because that means she's going to deal with this for the rest of her life," Lacy Quintero said about her daughter. "I don't want that for her so you know we are just taking it one blood draw at a time."

The situation has escalated to over 100 people filing claims against the Navy for contaminating the water source on the island.

Austin, Texas based Just Well Law attorney Kristina Baehr is representing the families filing claims.

"They're not telling us how contaminated it actually was, they're not even telling us what components were in the water," said toxic torts attorney Kristina Baehr. "They didn't tell these families to stop drinking the water after they injected jet fuel directly into their water source." 

Despite efforts to mitigate the issue, such as flushing and remediation processes, families remain concerned about the long-lasting effects of the contamination. Many have even moved away from military reservations or off the island altogether in an attempt to protect their health.

Legal actions are being pursued, with more than a dozen people filing claims under the "Federal Tort Claims Act" seeking damages and ongoing medical monitoring.

"Hundreds more to come," personal injury attorney Kristina Baehr added. "I cannot overstate the breadth and extent of this problem. And our clients keep getting sicker and sicker over time. And it's very clear that this contamination has caused lasting injuries and lasting harm." 

However, the Navy remains tight-lipped about any potential future legal actions.

While officials claim that the water in affected neighborhoods is now safe, affected families argue that the danger persists, both in the air and in homes. The extent of the toxic exposure from contaminated water and its lasting impacts remain a pressing concern for the community.

Read and watch the full story on KITV.


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