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Hawaii News Now: Some kids sickened by Navy’s toxic fuel-tainted water still have symptoms, parents say

Attorney Kristina Baehr of Just Well Law is helping families fight in a legal battle.
Kristina Baehr of Just Well Law is helping families who've been sickened by toxic exposure to fuel-contaminated water fight the US Navy in a legal battle.

Hawaii News Now goes in-depth with families' legal battles with the Navy over medical care for children sickened by toxic exposure to fuel-tainted water. Despite the Navy claiming the exposure was temporary, families demand compensation for long-term symptoms. Cases include Daisy Stickney's daughter experiencing seizures and fainting spells, and Megan Hernandez's toddler suffering vomiting and diarrhea.

Concerns about the delayed provision of clean water are raised by Army Maj. Amanda Feindt. Families report frustration with military doctors' lack of concrete answers regarding health issues. Some residents note ongoing water quality issues despite advisories being lifted. Lacey Quintero expresses concern about potential thyroid effects on her children.

While Tripler Army Medical Center denies petroleum toxicity diagnoses, personal injury attorneys Kristina Baehr and Lyle Hosoda are filing federal claims for affected families, drawing parallels with similar cases like Camp LeJeune. Toxic torts lawyer Kristina Baehr, of Just Well Law in Austin, Texas, emphasizes the risk of future harm from jet fuel ingestion.

Read and watch the story on Hawaii News Now.


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