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Texas Lawyer: $3.1M Texas Verdict: Lawyer Leaves Intellectual Property Practice for Toxic Torts

"The one attorney in our area that did toxic tort law only handled wrongful death. I thought, you have to die to get representation in this field? I wanted to help other families," Kristina Baehr said. Then started her own personal injury law firm Just Well Law in Austin, Texas.

Written by Adolfo Pesquera at Read the full article here.

What You Need to Know

  • An Austin attorney whose family was injured by toxic mold in the home got a $3.1 million jury award.

  • Her experience led her to switch fields, leaving intellectual property law to become a personal injury attorney because of her illness.

  • Finding toxic torts an area few Texas lawyers practice, she dedicated her new practice, Just Well Law, to victims of toxic exposure.

Kristina Baehr once had a thriving practice as an intellectual property attorney with McKool Smith, but today she defends victims of toxic exposure.

She switched fields after she and her family became sick as a result of a mold-infested home.


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