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Working for you and your recovery. 

Meet The Team

We’re building a different kind of personal injury firm, a movement for sick families to rise up against those that poisoned them. We're a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals and admins on a mission to help you recover well. 

We Offer
An Introduction to Just Well

An Introduction to Just Well


We win

I am a fierce advocate and a creative litigator. That combination has led to victories for my clients in and out of the courtroom, ranging from $1127 to $600 million in a single case.

We've been there

After my family was injured, I built the law firm I couldn't find. I create the client experience that I want for my own family because I have been there too.

We help you recover.

You and your loved ones are on a journey towards recovery. I understand that health requires financial resources, and I am committed to helping families get the resources they need to rebuild their lives and prepare for the future.

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