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Island News: More families join water contamination suit against Navy

The number of cases against the US Navy related to Red Hill toxic exposure to jet fuel contained water is on the rise, with an additional 22 families joining the lawsuit through an amended Federal Court claim.

Personal injury attorney Kristina Baehr at Just Well Law in Austin, Texas, emphasizes the urgency in seeking truth, accountability, and justice for the affected families.

Residents, like Davie-Ann Momilani, describe ongoing struggles in military housing, resorting to using water bottles for daily activities due to toxic water contamination. Frustration mounts as a recent meeting with Navy officials brings promises of a clinic but lacks concrete solutions.

Those affected share their stories, challenging the US Navy's claim of no long-term health effects, asserting that harm was caused by the water contamination.

Toxic torts lawyer Kristina Baehr is quoted saying, "The Navy said that there was not going to be long-term health effects, and that's just not true. You've heard tonight that people have gotten very sick over the last year. It's a big case. It's an important case. But it's also not complicated. The Navy poisoned the water. And that caused harm," Baehr added, "And our trial is gonna be about how much harm."


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