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KITV: ‘This was supposed to be…paradise’ | Military mom on Ford Island leaving Hawaii due to toxic exposure from ongoing water contamination at home

The new report by KITV, Island News Now, discusses the dire situation faced by families living on Ford Island in Hawaii due to concerns over the safety of the Navy's water system.

Amid an investigation into the Red Hill water crisis, one military mother, Tiffany Overbaugh, has taken matters into her own hands to ensure the health and safety of her family. Overbaugh, along with many other affected families, is desperate to leave the island due to fears of toxic exposure from contaminated water.

Overbaugh expresses frustration and anger over the ongoing issues with the water supply, which remains cloudy in their home. She recounts the health problems her children, one-year-old Brooklyn and four-year-old Jameson, have experienced. The health problems of the children include hyperthyroidism and neurological issues, which she attributes to toxic exposure from the Navy's water system.

Despite the Navy's promises to correct its mistakes and restore public trust, many affected individuals, including Overbaugh, feel that it's too late and that there has been a constant cover-up of the extent of the harm caused.

Toxic torts attorney Kristina Baehr of Just Well Law, based in Austin, Texas, is representing the families.

"They haven't acknowledged the extent of the harm" Personal injury attorney Kristina Baehr said. "They say the health effects were fleeting and that is not true."

Hundreds of people affected by the water crisis have filed complaints against the Navy for ongoing illnesses, with many still waiting for water test results from late last year.

The Navy still hasn't released water test results from late last year from the homes of many of the 400 claimants asking for help paying their long-term medical bills.

Overbaugh expresses concern about the long-term effects of toxic exposure on her family and hopes that the island, once considered paradise, is not ruined forever.

Although the health department has declared the Navy's water safe and testing is ongoing, many residents, including Overbaugh, remain skeptical and fearful for their health and well-being.

Watch and read the full story on KITV, Island News.


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