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Yahoo News: 102 Families Alleging Harm from Toxic Water at Pearl Harbor-Hickam File Legal Claims Against Navy

More than 100 families affected by toxic exposure from a fuel spill at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, have filed claims against the government seeking compensation for health issues and financial losses. The spill occurred in November, forcing residents to evacuate. Personal injury attorney Kristina Baehr of Just Well Law in Austin, Texas, alleges negligence on the part of the Navy, claiming they failed to disclose the extent of contamination after a previous spill in May.

"When the Navy learned of the operator error on May 6, 2021 that released thousands of gallons of jet fuel into the Red Hill well, the Navy should have told our clients to stop drinking the water," wrote toxic torts attorneys Kristina Baehr, James Baehr and Lyle Hosoda. "Instead, the Navy allowed families to continue to bathe and drink water until the contamination became so severe -- after another spill in November -- that it burned their throats and bodies."

Residents reported symptoms like headaches and nausea, attributing them toxic exposure from the contaminated water. The families are seeking compensation under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The Navy's lack of transparency and refusal to release test results have exacerbated concerns. Elevated levels of volatile organic compounds have been found in air quality tests, leading to health problems for residents. The closure of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility was announced, but the Navy has not commented on potential legal actions.

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