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NBC News: Military families sue U.S. over 'poisoned' drinking water at Pearl Harbor

Four military families formerly based in Hawaii have filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. government, claiming they were poisoned by drinking toxic water contaminated by leaks from the Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility near Pearl Harbor.

"The Navy accepted responsibility for the jet fuel leaks but refuses to acknowledge any lasting medical harm or risk,"' says Kristian Baehr, personal injury attorney for the families.

The families allege serious health issues resulting from toxic exposure due to contaminated water, including hypothyroidism, seizures, persistent abdominal pain, and weight loss. Represented by the Hawaiian Hosoda Law Group and Austin, Texas based, Just Well Law, the families seek accountability and compensation under the Federal Torts Claims Act.

“Ariana Wyatt wants accountability and change,” Just Well Law toxic torts attorney Kristina Baehr said in an email to NBC News. “She wants to ensure that this never happens to another little girl on American soil."

“The government is not going to make changes unless they are held accountable,” Baehr said. “They didn’t warn these families that their water was contaminated when they knew it was contaminated — that’s poisoning.”

The lawsuit highlights the need for government accountability and action to prevent similar incidents in the future. The U.S. Navy declined to comment on the ongoing litigation but emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety and health of affected individuals and providing clean drinking water.

Earlier this year, a Navy investigation attributed the leak to poor training and management.

Read the full article on NBC News.


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