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USA Today: Hawaii families sue US over tainted drinking water from jet fuel at Navy's Red Hill facility

Four families – Feindt, Freeman, Simic, and Wyatt – are suing the federal government. The families are seeking accountability from the United States for alleged negligence, trespass, nuisance, and medical malpractice resulting from toxic exposure due to jet fuel leaks contaminating drinking water in Oahu.

Attorneys from Just Well Law in Austin, Texas, and Hosoda Law Group in Honolulu filed the lawsuit on behalf of these families under the Federal Torts Claims Act, seeking actual or compensatory damages.

The families are looking for "accountability and the truth and change," Kristina Baehr, personal injury attorney for Just Well Law, told USA TODAY. She began filing toxic tort claims for families this year. 

The case emphasizes the importance of holding the government accountable for contamination and the lack of timely warnings to affected families. Active military member Amanda Feindt, one of the plaintiffs, highlights the need for a lawsuit as their only option for recourse due to the alleged poisoning by the military.

The lawsuit cites two jet fuel leaks in 2021 at the Navy's Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility, causing petroleum and toxic chemicals to enter the water supply for around 93,000 people. The families allege negligence, including a "negligent 'operator error'" for the second leak. The Navy's failure to immediately disclose the fuel leak and provide consistent updates further exacerbates the families' claims.

Feindt's family, among those suing, experienced health issues almost immediately after moving into military housing, leading to a disruptive and challenging life due to the toxic exposure. Despite government assurances of water safety, many affected individuals still report feeling sick.


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