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Healing The Source Podcast: Kristina Baehr, Trial Lawyer for Survivors of Toxic Exposure, Mold Toxicity in Your Home, Jet Fuel Exposure

On this episode of Healing the Source podcast by Claudia Gilani, Austin, Texas toxic torts attorney, Kristian Baehr is interviewed about how toxic mold turned her life upside down. Followed up by how the lawyer then devoted her work to helping others heal and get the justice they deserve.

Kristina Baehr, a national trial lawyer, has dedicated her career to representing individuals harmed by negligent companies. Her journey took a deeply personal turn when hidden mold in her home caused chronic illness for her family. Kristina talks about the symptoms of toxic mold, including the mental as well as physical toll it took on her.

This personal tragedy spurred her to found Just Well Law, a personal injury law firm based in Austin, Texas, aimed at supporting families in crisis.

Kristina created Just Well Law as the firm she wished had been available to her during her family's health struggles. She found that this type of legal help could only be given if someone died, which the attorney deemed unacceptable. This motivated her to turn her law degree towards toxic torts to help those affected by toxic exposure.

Kristina is committed to securing financial justice for her clients, ensuring their health and wellness are prioritized. Her relentless pursuit of maximum recovery for those affected by toxic exposure and other personal injuries sets her apart in the legal community.

One of the notable cases Kristina addresses is the Red Hill water contamination incident in Hawaii, where military families faced significant health risks due to jet fuel spills. This case underscores her dedication to fighting for justice on behalf of those impacted by environmental hazards.

Environmental toxins can cause severe health issues, including systemic inflammation and cognitive problems. Unfortunately, those responsible for such exposures frequently evade accountability. Kristina Baehr's work aims to change this, ensuring that victims receive the justice they deserve. Through Just Well Law, she provides a crucial service, supporting families through crises and advocating for healthier, safer environments.

In this discussion with Claudia, Kristina shared insights into the following topics:

  • Impact of Toxic Mold: She detailed how toxic mold affected her family's health, leading to the founding of Just Well Law.

  • Legal Protections: Kristina explained the legal protections available for individuals affected by mold in their homes or workplaces.

  • Essential Actions: She highlighted the crucial steps to take when living in a mold-infested environment.

  • Significance of Mold Awareness: Emphasizing that mold should not be overlooked, she discussed its serious health implications.

  • Red Hill Jet Fuel Spill: Kristina provided an update on the ongoing legal battle for the military families affected by water contamination in Hawaii.

Through Just Well Law, Kristina Baehr continues to advocate for families facing health crises, ensuring they receive the justice and support they need to reclaim their well-being. Her dedication to her clients and her personal experience with toxic mold make her a powerful advocate for those harmed by environmental hazards.

Listen to the full episode on Apple, Spotify or online at Healing the Source.


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