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The Dhru Purohit Podcast: “Toxic Mold Was Slowly Killing Me!” – How Kristina Baehr Discovered the Root Cause of Her Mystery Chronic Illness and Uncovered a Massive Cover-Up Attempt

Attorney Kristina Baehr of Just Well Law in Austin, Texas was featured on an episode of The Dhru Purohit Podcast where she discusses her family's personal experience with toxic mold exposure and their pursuit of justice for the resulting damages with host Dhru Purohit.

The conversation explores the symptoms of toxic mold, challenges in identifying mold exposure, and the lack of accountability in the home building and inspection process. Personal injury attorney Kristina explains her mission to assist individuals affected by environmental toxins, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness and seeking justice. The discussion also touches on the Red Hill case in Hawaii, where military families faced exposure to water contaminated with jet fuel by the US Navy.

Here’s a quick summary of episode 454 of The Dhru Purohit Podcast:

In today’s podcast episode, Dhru's guest is Kristina Bhear, a lawyer who experienced a hidden epidemic of chronic diseases caused by toxic exposure, including mold, polluted water, and toxic soil. The podcast discusses two key takeaways: the prevalence of chronic diseases linked to toxic exposure and a cover-up attempt by those in power to prevent affected families from obtaining justice.

Kristina shares her personal journey of falling seriously ill while working as an attorney in high-level intellectual property cases. She faced various symptoms, including double vision, confusion, intense ear pain, and migraines. Her son also experienced developmental regression, and her daughter exhibited violent behavior. After consulting numerous doctors, Kristina was finally diagnosed with mold toxicity.

The story unfolds as Kristina and her family in Austin, Tx, discover toxic black mold in their home, hidden behind walls due to water damage. The mold had been present for years, causing severe health issues for the entire family. The two discuss at length the negligence of builders, roofers, and HVAC companies in creating an unsafe living environment. Kristina emphasizes the intentional defects in construction practices, contributing to a toxic living space.

Kristina goes on to tell Dhru about the gaslighting tactics used by defendants, including hiring experts to discredit her. The interview touches on the struggle to find toxic tort professionals who understand the impact of environmental toxins and highlights the significance of a supportive team, including doctors, mold inspectors, and lawyers.

She highlights the challenges of finding legal representation, as many lawyers were unwilling to take on cases related to mold exposure. The two also talk about the broader issue of insurance companies excluding mold coverage, leaving affected families without financial recourse. Kristina's case serves as a precedent, showcasing that juries care not only about proving injury but also holding companies accountable for their actions.

In Kristina's case, the jury awarded $3.1 million, highlighting the significance of accountability in the legal system. She emphasizes the need for legal advocacy to address toxic exposure and ensure the safety of homes. Kristina has committed to helping others facing similar challenges and holding responsible parties accountable for the impact of toxic exposure by opening her own personal injury law firm Just Well Law, that specializes in toxic torts.

The interview then transitions to Baehr's involvement in a larger case against the federal government regarding a jet fuel blast contaminating water on the US Navy base Red Hill in Hawaii. She presses the need for accountability and highlights the government's gaslighting tactics. Baehr again expresses her commitment to advocating for families affected by toxic exposure by broadening the scope beyond mold and creating a network of lawyers to address such cases.

The interview concludes with a message to individuals currently dealing with toxic exposure, urging them to seek help, get out of contamination, and find their helpers. Kristina Baehr emphasizes the importance of getting well and helping others as a means of redemption.

Listeners are encouraged to follow Kristina's journey and connect with her on social media through the law firm's website ( and Instagram handle (@justwell_law) or personally on Facebook (Kristina Baehr). The interview ends with Dhru Purohit wishing Kristina well in her upcoming case on Red Hill water contamination in Hawaii.

Listen to the full episode on Apple and Spotify.


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