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CBS News: Toxic mold forced a Texas family to flee their home. What you need to know about mold’s dangers

Kristina Baehr, a successful lawyer from Austin, Texas, faced a hidden and dangerous threat within her seemingly perfect life: toxic mold infestation. Initially attributing her health issues to the challenges of balancing a demanding career with parenting, Kristina and her family soon experienced severe health problems. Migraines, developmental delays, and behavioral issues plagued her family. After fainting and discovering a benign tumor, Kristina quit her thriving law career to focus on her family's health.

Three years of tests later, the Baehrs found out that their home had high levels of mycotoxins due to toxic mold. Faulty roof repairs, construction issues, and a poorly installed HVAC system created an ideal environment for mold growth. The family had to abandon their home and belongings, facing financial devastation.

The family filed litigation against the companies that designed and constructed their home as they look to recoup their losses. Kristina said it’s been a long and arduous legal process, but she believes it will be worth it.

“I’m going to go to the ends of the earth and back to get recovery so that our kids can be safe going forward and so that we can rebuild their lives and have the resources to provide for their medical care,” Kristina Baehr said.

Mold exposure is a widespread issue in the U.S., affecting various residences, from military housing to college dorms. The health impact of chronic mold exposure includes respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive system issues. Moreover, early-life toxic exposure in infancy and childhood can lead to developmental delays and immune dysfunction.

The Baehrs' struggle with mold exposure highlights the long-term health consequences, as even after leaving the moldy environment, they continue to battle health issues. Mold exposure is not typically covered by homeowners' insurance, making it a significant financial burden.

To help others facing similar challenges, Kristina Baehr established personal injury law firm Just Well Law, aiming to provide legal support for those seeking recovery from mold exposure caused by negligent construction practices.

Toxic torts attorney Kristina and her team at Just Well Law are building a different kind of personal injury firm, a movement for sick families to rise up against those that poisoned them. Just Well is a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals and admins on a mission to help you recover well. 

Key Points:

  • The Baehr family began experiencing serious health problems, later traced to toxic mold in their Austin, Texas, home.

  • Mold clean-up and health treatments have taken a financial toll, as the Baehrs’ insurance didn’t cover the damage.

  • Attorney Kristina Baehr founded personal injury law firm Just Well Law to help other families with toxic exposure.

  • Recent weather events like Hurricane Ida and the Texas deep freeze could lead to an increase in mold-related cases.


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