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The Ultimate Health Podcast: This Scary Toxin in the Home Is Causing Brain Damage & Disease – Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How personal injury attorney Kristina Baehr realized she had toxic mold in her home

  • What is mycotoxin testing?

  • How to find a good mold inspector

  • Surprising symptoms of mold toxicity

  • Finding a safe place to live

  • Start reducing your toxic load

  • Genetics and mold exposure

  • How an HVAC system can spread mold

  • The challenges with insurance companies

  • Get your home tested for mold

  • The shocking number of sick buildings

  • The process of taking legal action

  • The verdict in Kristina’s toxic home case

  • Starting personal injury law firm Just Well Law

  • The Red Hill contamination case against the US Navy

Have you ever felt unwell without any apparent cause? The culprit might be lurking in your own home. Mold, a silent and often invisible toxin, can wreak havoc on your health, causing brain damage and chronic diseases. In this eye-opening episode of The Ultimate Health Podcast, Kristina Baehr, a national trial lawyer and founder of Just Well Law, sheds light on the dangers of mold exposure and the steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Kristina's journey began when she discovered toxic mold in her own home. Shockingly, mold toxicity can manifest in various surprising symptoms, such as double vision, confusion, intense ear pain, migraines, and even developmental regression in children. Despite consulting numerous doctors, Kristina was misdiagnosed until she finally uncovered the hidden mold in her walls.

One of the key challenges in addressing mold toxicity is finding a good mold inspector who understands the nuances of mold testing. Mold can be insidious, hiding behind walls and HVAC systems, spreading its toxic spores throughout your home. Kristina emphasizes the importance of reducing your toxic load by finding a safe place to live and getting your home tested for mold.

Legal action against companies responsible for toxic mold exposure can be daunting but necessary. Kristina's own case serves as a testament to the importance of holding companies accountable for their actions. In her toxic tort case, the jury awarded $3.1 million, highlighting the significance of legal advocacy in addressing environmental toxins.

The mold exposure that attorney Kristian Baehr suffered through caused her to quit her successful lawyer career to work on her health. After winning her case for mold exposure, she started her own personal injury law firm, Just Well Law in Austin, Texas.

Kristina's mission with Just Well Law is to help individuals affected by environmental toxins rebuild their health and their lives. She urges listeners to take action if they suspect mold in their homes, emphasizing that the first step to recovery is to get out of contamination.

Kristina's dedication to justice extends beyond individual cases. She is also deeply involved in the Red Hill contamination case in Hawaii. A toxic tort case where families exposed to toxic, jet fuel contaminated water are suing the federal government.

Don't ignore the warning signs of mold toxicity in your home. Educate yourself, get your home tested, and seek legal help if needed. Mold may be invisible, but its impact on your health is very real.

Listen to the full episode on Apple and Spotify.


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