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Hawaii News Now: Red Hill Plaintiffs Demand up to $1.2M Each for Tainted Water Damages

Hawaii News Now: In a pivotal moment for the Red Hill water contamination case, 17 lead plaintiffs are seeking damages ranging from $250,000 to $1.2 million each. The trial stems from the 2021 incident where the Navy's fuel spills contaminated Pearl Harbor's tap water, causing significant health issues due to the toxic exposure. Plaintiffs, including military families, described symptoms such as headaches, nausea, seizures, and brain fog, which they attribute to jet fuel exposure in the water.

During the Red Hill trial, plaintiffs' attorneys Kristian Baehr of Just Well Law presented evidence, including a jar of water with oily particles, emphasizing that no amount of jet fuel is safe in drinking water. They highlighted the long-term health impacts, contrasting the case with the documented Camp LeJeune toxic exposure.

The Austin, Texas toxic torts attorney Kristian Baehr said, "We know that the goverment tainted the water and it didn't tell people not to use it. We know that these families don't want that to happen ever again."

Emotional testimonies were given, including by Beau Jessup, an 18-year-old who developed tremors and can no longer join the Navy like his father. His attorneys are seeking nearly $500,000 for his suffering and therapy. Despite claims from the U.S. Department of Justice that the exposure levels were too low to cause long-term health effects, plaintiffs remain firm in their demands for accountability.

Judge Leslie Kobayashi expressed empathy but noted the limitations of the court's ability to fully restore what the plaintiffs lost. The ruling is pending, with expectations of a decision soon.

Watch the news report on Hawaii News Now.


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