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Kristina Baehr

Toxic mold survivor & national trial attorney
available for media and podcast appearances


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  1. There are harmful toxins that we are exposed to every day 

  2. Big institutions know these toxins are harming people

  3. Kristina is in the vanguard of movement that is standing up, and winning, against the institutions that are causing harm


  • Kristina is a national trial attorney with degrees from Princeton & Yale Law

  • Her family was poisoned by toxic mold in their house

  • It's very hard to sue or win for toxic mold

  • Kristina took her home builder and HVAC company to court and has been awarded a $3.8 million judgment in her case

  • Most people don't have the resources or network to take on cases like this. 

  • Kristina founded the Just Well law firm to help survivors of toxic exposure. 

  • She is currently representing 7500 clients in a case agains the US Navy for spilling jet fuel into the water source in Hawaii

Toxic Mold Poisoned My Family

In 2017 my family and I started suffering from a series of health issues: Dizziness, blurred vision, brain fog, migraines and developmental issues in my youngest son. 


We tried all kinds of different doctors and remedies. We were finally tested for mycotoxins and found our results were off the charts. 

That's when we tested our house for mold and discovered that rain water had been leaking into the interior of our house for years and there was a huge build up of Stachybotrys (black mold) behind the wall of my daughter's bedroom.

Due to the negligence of our home builder and HVAC company, our house had not been properly water-proofed. 

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We Fought Back... And Won

It's very hard to find a law firm that will represent you in a mold case. It's 100x harder to win.

With the help of attorneys Kevin Terrazas and Robert McKee, we went to trial against the home builder and HVAC company. 

We have been awarded a $3.8 million verdict in our case. 

Not all those who suffer from toxic mold are so lucky. Most don't have a law degree from Yale or the resources and network to go to trial.

That's how the Just Well law firm was born. 

Just Well Law Firm

When I was looking for an attorney to take my case, the one I could find only did wrongful death. That means you have to die before you can get representation. 

So I founded the law firm I couldn't find. Just Well represents sick people against the companies and institutions that made them sick. 

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Now Representing 7500 Clients in Case Against the US Navy

On November 20, 2021 the Navy spilled thousands of gallons of jet fuel into the water supply of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. They first tried to cover it up, then they tried to say it wasn’t harmful, telling families and their children it was all in their head as they developed a litany of health issues. 

Just Well represents 7500 clients against the Navy seeking restitution for the harm they caused.

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