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Fox News: Thousands of families suffer health problems from fuel leak on Navy base

In this Fox News segment of Whatever Happened To...?, Fox News chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reports on the Red Hill jet fuel leak that happened in Hawaii two and a half years ago.

The jet fuel leak that affected thousands of people on the US Navy base and surrounding areas in Oahu, Hawaii has gone to trial. Toxic torts attorney Kristina Baehr, of Just Well Law in Austin, Texas is leading the lawsuit. The national trial lawyer, Baehr, represents hundreds of military and civilian families who are suing the US government for their suffering due to toxic exposure at the hands of the Navy.

Throughout the whole thing, the Navy has lied to military personnel and civilians alike, saying the water was fine, even going as far as gaslighting people, saying their symptoms weren't caused by the contaminated water.

Two families affected by the jet fuel leak are interviewed, a mother of two who talks about how her happy, healthy four-year-old went into full psychosis and her newborn baby being covered in red rashes at the time of the leak. Jaclyn Hughes claims they are a proud Navy family who feels betrayed by the institution. They've been lied to and gaslit as well as not receiving the care they need. Another woman, Aurora Briggs, who was living in civilian housing at the time, says her neurologic is completely shot, due to the toxic exposure.

The Navy has yet to clean up the toxic spill, pipes are still sticky with jet fuel. Kristina Baehr says, "The EPA is still concerned and the Navy is turning a blind eye, so no, that water is not safe."

Watch the Fox News report here.


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