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Fox News: Victim speaks out after Navy denies fuel-contaminated water caused injuries: 'Affected in nearly every way'

Hundreds are suing the federal government after 20,000 gallons of jet fuel leaked into the water on a Hawaii naval base beginning last year, causing debilitating illnesses in families living nearby in an incident some are comparing to Camp Lejeune.

Kristina Baehr, an attorney representing a number of the fuel leakage's victims, told Fox News' Pete Hegseth that the U.S. Navy is only taking partial responsibility for the problem.

"They admit that it happened, that they contaminated the water, but they don't admit that they made anybody sick," she said. "They think that nobody is sick today because of the water source," she added.

The problem extends beyond getting the Navy to admit the leakage made people sick, according to Feindt, who added that some say finding people who believe them is difficult both on and off base.

"You've got folks going off base now that are being denied medical care specifically because they're coming in about Red Hill [fuel storage facility]," Feindt told Hegseth.

Baehr, of Just Well Law in Austin, Texas, said over 700 clients are currently being represented in the case and all are demanding "accountability." 

Watch the interview on Fox News.


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