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Plaintiffs double in suit against US government over Red Hill crisis

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3 active-duty service members file claims against federal government over jet fuel leak: "Poisoned by the Navy in their own homes"

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More families join water contamination suit against Navy

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More military families sue over fuel-contaminated drinking water: 'We're just collateral damage'

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Hawaii families sue US over tainted drinking water from jet fuel at Navy's Red Hill facility

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Litigants in Red Hill lawsuit face Navy ‘gaslighting,’ attorneys say


Victim speaks out after Navy denies fuel-contaminated water caused injuries: 'Affected in nearly every way'

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4 families claim Navy ‘harbored toxic secrets’ in federal lawsuit over Red Hill crisis

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Navy Hit with First Lawsuit By Families Sickened by Toxic Red Hill Water

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102 Families Alleging Harm from Tainted Water at Pearl Harbor-Hickam File Legal Claims Against Navy

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Families sue US over jet fuel leak that contaminated Oahu water

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Hawaii families say they got sick from Navy fuel leak

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Hawaii families impacted by Navy's jet fuel leak worry about cancer, prepare legal action a year later

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Distrust remains after Navy report on tainted Hawaii water

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Military families sue U.S. over 'poisoned' drinking water at Pearl Harbor

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Military families sue U.S. Navy over jet fuel in Pearl Harbor water supply

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More than 100 residents file claims for compensation over Red Hill water contamination

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Law firm urges Navy to relocate Hawaii families leery of fuel-tainted homes

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Some kids sickened by Navy’s fuel-tainted water still have symptoms, parents say

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Military families in Hawaii water crisis ask lawmakers for better medical care, more answers

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Dozens file claims against U.S. Navy as symptoms persist from Red Hill water crisis

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'Water is Life': One woman's fight for truth about Hawaii fuel spill

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Flushed down the drain: Families lose trust in Navy over Red Hill spill

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This was supposed to be…paradise’ | Military mom on Ford Island leaving Hawaii due to ongoing water contamination at home

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Military families file claims against the Navy alleging illness from tainted water

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Navy says 'operator error' caused Hawaii spill fuel in drinking water


Water at Aliamanu Military Reservation was 3 times state’s safe limit

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Lawsuit: Camera found inside Texas Vrbo rental property bedroom, homeowners sued

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Texas couple sues Vrbo, homeowners after they were secretly recorded in the bedroom, lawsuit says

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Red Hill Investigations: The Navy Failed To Prevent And Respond To Fuel Contamination

As Seen on Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, KXAN and CNBC

Toxic mold forced a Texas family to flee their home.

Military families sickened by Navy water demand action on Capitol Hill

Texas couple sues Vrbo, homeowners after they were secretly recorded in the bedroom, lawsuit says

Distrust remains after Navy report on tainted Hawaii water.

July 1, 2022

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